Job Descriptions

These job descriptions provide a very general picture of the positions at the Ranch. More detailed information is available at the “View Available Jobs” link on this page. As with any position description, these do not include every detail. If you have any questions, please ask us.

We work as a team, and all staff must be prepared to support all areas of the ranch. A staff member’s main assignment will be as agreed to in his or her contract, however, there are times when staff are expected to support other parts of the ranch team.

You may request to be considered for more than one position. Please list them on the application in your order of preference. Hiring begins in November and continues until all of the positions are filled, usually in early March.

Before you apply, please make sure that your dates of availability match the position(s) for which you are applying. Some jobs (e.g., food service) include people who are contracted to work the full season (late May through late September) and also people who have a shorter contract (late May through late August). Some jobs ONLY are only appropriate for applicants who are available for the full season (e.g., office assistants).


POSITION Full Season(late May* through late September) Short Season(late May* through late August)
Culinary Staff
X   (7 positions) X   (1 position)
Food Service X   (17 positions) X   (2 positions)
Children/Youth Counselor X   (3 positions) X   (9 positions)
Housekeeper/Cabin Host X   (9 positions) X   (2 positions)
Children’s Wrangler/Wrangler X   (6 positions) X   (3 positions)
Hazer X   (3 positions)  
Office Assistant X   (3 positions)  
Fishing Guide X   (6 positions) X   (1 position)
Grounds Crew/Maintenance X   (3 positions)  X   (1 position)
Floater/Gardener X   (3 positions) X   (1 position)

*Note: Certain positions start in mid-May; please indicate on your application the earliest date you can start work.


Office/Store: Seeking people with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, integrity, and previous office and/or retail experience. In this position you are in direct contact with every person on the ranch. There are three office assistants who work the front desk and the gift store.

Children’s Counselors/Youth–Teen Counselors: Seeking high-energy people who love children, youth/teens, and the outdoors. This is an educational adventure program and Children’s Counselors must be ready to provide a fun, creative, safe, and active experience.

Wrangler: Seeking people with excellent, proven horsemanship and customer service skills. Guiding and teaching are part of the job, along with horse care and herd and facilities maintenance. Applicants must submit a riding video; please see application for requirements.

Fishing Guide: Seeking people with excellent interpersonal skills and extensive fly-fishing experience, including knots, guiding others, fly-tying, entomology, and general fisheries knowledge.

Shooting Range Instructor/Guest Services (“Hazers”): Seeking people with experience in all areas of gun safety and shooting range management and instruction. These instructors also provide general guest services, including concierge, transportation, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Grounds Crew/Maintenance Crew: Seeking strong and self-motivated individuals with experience in handy-man skills such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical as well as landscaping, mowing, fencing, weed control, golf course maintenance, irrigation, and other similar tasks. Members of this crew must be able to do physical outdoor work.

Flower Gardener/Floater: The gardener is responsible for planting and maintaining our annual and perennial flowerbeds around the ranch. This person oversees the planting of new trees and shrubs and their maintenance during the summer, including watering, weeding, pruning, etc. The gardener also works as a “floater” and assists with trail maintenance, general outdoor projects, and other tasks in various departments, as needed.

Cabin Host / Housekeeper: Seeking detail-oriented people to assume responsibility for guest services in cabins, including clean all guest facilities, hosting in the bar/lodge and at cookouts, and assisting with other projects as needed (e.g., painting, landscaping, etc.).

Food Service: Seeking people with great customer service skills for all duties involving food service, including waiting tables for both guests and staff, doing dishes, cleaning and set-up, serving cook-outs, etc.

Cook: Seeking people who are proven to be positive team players with some previous cooking experience; must have a serious interest in food preparation/culinary arts and strong aptitude for learning.

Floating crew: Members of this crew are cross-trained in a variety of departments; their primary duties include housekeeping, landscaping/gardening, trail work, food service, child care, guiding, and outdoor maintenance projects (e.g., painting, etc.). Applicants with fly-fishing experience are preferred.



Applicants must be available from at least the third week of May through the third week of August. Most of our positions will end in late September, and some will start earlier in May. Please see “Job Descriptions” pages for more detailed information.



Returning Staff Apply Here: A BAR A_returning staff app




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